Persuasive Speech On 1/10 Traxxas

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Who here has ever played with an rc car? There are many different kind of classes and sizes one can race. You have your street cars, rock climber, buggies, trucks and truggy. I am going to show you with a 1/10 Traxxas slash 4x4. Today I am going to show you how to do a quick overview, inspect and how to do a pre run test. First thing that you going to want to do is look over your car. You want to start off with blowing any dirt or grass. Then you are looking for any derby that might be in the way or parts that might be broke or have gouges. Anything with nicks needs to be looked and addressed as needed. More than likely just smoothing it out with a razor knife will do the trick. What matters is that the structural integrity is not compromised. Large sticks or rocks can get caught up in any of the moving parts and can cause damage or pour performance. Just because it is clean doesn’t mean that it is ready to run. Once you have cleaned everything it is time to take things apart by separating the two ends from the chassis. This will let you inspect the suspension and bulk heads more easily. You are mainly checking the shocks for pressure and the wheels and axial for binding and fluidity. It is important to make sure all the screws are tight, especially along the axil. Now it is time to check the…show more content…
What you are looking for is how it rides. You want to start by checking the servo and speed controller. You want to make sure the wheels turn and that you can go forward and reverse. You can check the suspension and handling by making some sharp turns and going over bumps and small jumps. Next you want to see how it runs at high speeds. Do the brakes work, how straight is does it travel. Are you getting too much air trapped? This is called the parachute affect. You want to make sure that the wheels are properly aligned. This can cause tire wear and through off your center of
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