Gm 403 Oldsmobile Engine Analysis

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10 How to tune up a GM 403 Oldsmobile engine [Type the document subtitle] Jason McRoberts How to tune a general motors v-8 403 cubic inch motor . You start with a vehicle lets see how about a 1979 Pontiac Trans Am, that’s what I own. First you determine what style of plugs you want to use. I recommend a higher end type that is the best for the environment. Like the “E3 Diamond Fire Spark Plugs”. They increase your performance and efficiency in comparison to cheaper brands. They actually deliver a larger spark to the combustion chamber. In doing this it boosts the horse power and burns the excess fuel making them more efficient. Next we want to find a good style of plug wires the best style to use is one that…show more content…
That’s better than any competition spark plug wires. Now that you’ve picked your spark plugs and spark plug wires we go to our next decision the style of distributor cap and rotor button. When it comes to ignition the best of the best use MSD Ignition but there is another up and coming brand that’s been around the block like MSD Ignition and that’s ACCEL. But I’m not fighting about it we’ll stick with the pro’s MSD’s Ultimate HEI kit that covers our distributer cap and rotor button. This makes our rev limiter adjustable the module that comes in this kit is a digital 7.5 amp performance module with a matched HEI E-core coil. Now that we have everything we can get started. You’ll need a 5/8ths socket and a swivel and a 5 inch extension. First you start with opening the hood and installing fender covers to protect the paint. Next you take the shaker hood scoop, this is done by loosening a screw clamp that holds it down to the air cleaner take care it placing this somewhere safe people see this part as your driving so put it up! The next thing you have to do is screw off the butterfly nut this holds down the air cleaner take care in removing the vacuum…show more content…
Now that you have everything out of the way we can get started on tuning this engine up. First you start with number one cylinder, which is on the driver side front of the engine, remove the rubber boot from the first spark plug and mark it with a marker showing its number one next take your socket and ratchet and unscrew the plug from the side of the head. The plugs we choose are pregapped so we wont have to gap them carefully install the new plug in to he head make sure you don’t hit the electrode on the tip of the spark plug tighten it to approximately 35 inch pounds. Next follow the plug wire that you removed back to the distributer and remover the rubber boot from that point match that wire with one of the new ones as close as possible mark that wire as cylinder 1 and mark the distributer cap where you took that one off. I like to continue on the odd side of the vehicle so we’ll head to cylinder number 3. Again remover the spark plug boot mark that wire as number 3 remove the spark plug and install the new one

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