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How to drive stick Richard Garcia Lt. Martinez English 121 August 3, 2013 Have you ever gotten into a car with somebody that knows how to drive stick shift and wondered hmm? How do they do it, or how do they make it look so easy? Some people even say it’s easy and anybody can do it which is not true. I am going to instruct you on how drive stick the easy way. When you are learning to drive a stick shift car, you must know where the clutch, brake, gas, emergency brake, and the gear shifter is. Also always have a friend that knows how to drive stick shift for obvious safety reasons and extra help. First you walk to where ever your car keys are, grab them and go to your vehicle. Unlock your vehicle. Open the door and then sit in the…show more content…
It is the knob with numbers on it. If you push the clutch all the way down with your left foot while the car is not on you can still put the car in the different gears, the car just will not move. The shifter starts off in neutral but it is important to get familiar with what gear goes where, and where to move the stick. You can put the car in first gear by pushing the clutch down with your left foot, then grab the knob of the stick with your right hand, and wiggle it slightly side to side to ensure the car is in neutral. Then pull the stick all the way to the left and then push up. You are now in first gear, pull straight down from first gear to get into second gear, push up to the middle, slightly to the right, then all the way up is third gear, pull straight down from there to get to fourth gear, and up to the middle and slight right then all the way up is fifth gear, and straight down from there is reverse. Put the car back in neutral and then Next you will be starting the car. When starting a standard car you are not able to hop in, start it, and take off like normal. To start your car you must put the car key into the…show more content…
In order to take off you have to release the emergency brake but at the same time push down the foot break with your right foot then push the clutch all the way down and put the car in first gear at the same time. Take your right foot off of the foot break and put it on the gas pedal. With the car in first gear still, slowly start stepping on the gas with your right foot but at the same time, you need to release the clutch as you are pushing down on the gas. You might feel the car start to pull forward or you might stall out, meaning the car turned off on you, but if you stall out, that is okay it is bound to happen. If you stall out just repeat the steps to starting the car. If the car pulls forward and does not stall out you will just keep pushing the gas until the clutch is all the way released. At this point you will hear the engine almost scream because the RPMs are getting higher and higher, this is when you shift into second gear by pushing the clutch back down while releasing the gas pedal, when the clutch is pushed down pull the stick straight down to second gear but this time you don’t have to go so slow with pushing the gas and releasing the clutch because it is at a higher gear. When you are in second gear you will have to look at the RPMs, when they get up to two or in between two and three thousand, it is then time to shift to third gear by repeating the shifting process, at this time your car

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