Health and Social Care

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Preparing for an apprenticeship Level 2. Unit 201. 1 Know the Components of the apprenticeship. 1.1 Discuss the relevance of each components. The relevance of doing the components are Functional Skills English and Functional Skills Maths, by doing English and Maths it will help me when I go on to do my Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care and when I go further into my career path. The relevance of Clinical mandatory units are for the assessor to watch over me in the work place so that they know that I am competent in my position, the assessor can also check to see that I know about infection control, if something is mandatory then it means that this is meant to be done. The relevance of Employments, Rights and Responsibilities are that a person have rights and they have to be upheld. Health and Safety, terms and conditions of employment, working hours, equal opportunities and the right to be paid a minimum wage, maternity/paternity pay, sick pay, holiday pay, redundancy pay Discrimination i.e. disability, gender, age. Health and safety at work sets out responsibilities and rights for employers and employees. Every employee is expected to do their work in a way that is regarded to the safety of others. Employers are also expected to abide by a range of requirements such as providing machinery and equipment that is in safe working order, they must also carry out regular safety checks making sure the employees are fully trained before using the machinery, before an employee uses the machinery they must first do a risk assessment. Not just machinery should be checked but harmful substances should be stored correctly because if the temperature is not at the correct temperature then accidents could happen. 1.2 Describe how each component will be assessed. They way each component will be assessed will be witness testimonies and observation
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