Whmis Essay

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What is WHMIS you ask? Well, WHMIS stands for "Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System". It is Canada's national hazard communication standard. The main thing this system does is labelling containers of WHMIS controlled products and Education programs for the workers. Many symbols are shown on everyday used items, the ststem was made to keep everyone safe, and it is attended by many. There are a wide variety of symbols used to show what the chemical is capable of and what it can due. For example there is the poison symbol. Which is crossbones, his is the most dangerous of them all. If you are exposed to this chemical you can either go blind if it goes in your eyes or possibly die. Another example is the explosion symbol. This symbol shows that the chemical is conbustable, which mean it can explose under pressure or force. All the symbols have meanings, and they are all put there on purpose to give for warnings to everyone. If you see these symbols, be sure to be very careful. The system was made for a very reasonable reason. Allthough not every one abides by these rules, they are still enforced. They are made to keep all safe from any chemical dangers aslong as you read what you are using and be aware. If you read the symbols, it specifically shows what the hazard is. By reading it you should be aware and ready for any accident that may occur. Not all hazards can kill you, but they can defidentally injure you. This system is being carefully watched by many people. making sure that the proper labels are going on the right things. To make sure that nothing gets confused or mixed up. Also it is checked once it has been done just to be safe. Everyone in the labs are very carefull while using these chemicals. And i think that everyone around the world
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