Maintain A Safe Working Environment In Health And Social Care Essay

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Health and safety 1.1 The aim of this assignment is to outline the importance of maintaining safe working environment in the health and social care sector. Also how to maintain a safe work environment in the health social care, how health and safety legislation in implemented in the work place, the ways in which health and safety requirements impact on customer and the work practitioners such as staff, clients and visitors in health and social care workplace, the monitoring and review of health and safety policies in the health social care workplace a policy is a principle or protocol to guide decisions and achieve. In every health and social care setting there are policies and procedures that are put in to place so that the working environment is safe for both service user and health care workers. The term policy could be broken down to the principle or protocol to guide…show more content…
Some may be obvious and quite likely to happen, such as slipping in a place where floors are often wet. Others may be less obvious, but could have such serious consequences that I need to makes sure the risks are controlled take for example going onto a roof for cleaning or repairs. The health and safety at work etc Act 1974, is used to ensure that everyone in the health and social care setting is working safety and they are promoting the safety of each service user. The management of health and safety at work regulation 1990 also apply to every workplace and require all risk to be assessed and controlled. Keeping a record It is important to keep a record of all risk assessment but important of everyone who uses the care setting. The reason for this is to monitor and try control and thing that may not be a risk to anyone. When you’re a care manager it is their responsibility to monitor, the significant hazard such as back injuries when lifting heavy items. Control the risk that need it Pick put the priorities for

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