Unit 13tc Implementing Duty of Care

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1.1 Having a duty of care means to care for anyone that i come across within my line of work. It is my duty of care to make sure that all of my clients have everything they need, they get proper care and are respected and keep their dignity. Also that they maintain as much independence as possible and we promote independence as much as possible. It is also my duty to safeguard each service user and protect them where possible from harm. We have a duty to follow all risk assessments for each service user, attend all mandatory training and to report any unsafe practises that i see. 1.2 The duty of care contributes to the safe guarding of individuals, in ways such as risk assessments carrying them out on a daily basis. for a carer we assess things all the time to prevent anything from happening. We having manual handling training also to prevent any harm towards our clients and also to show the carers the proper way in which to handle different clients. Policies and procedures are in place, so this prevents any unnecessary conflict in the adult care sector. These strict guidelines prevent people from working in ways that might distress or harm others within our adult care setting. 2.1 Working with adults has a significant duty of care. adults who are more vulnerable need greater care. The carers understanding to be able to for see and cope with potential dangers and have an understanding that their actions may hurt and upset others, also communication to be able to talk about the harm others may be doing to them. The duty of care contributes to the safeguarding and protection of individuals this can be carried out in a variety of ways:- • Risk assessment both inside and outside. • Avoiding potential hazards, which could lead to harm through accidents or spreading infections. • Having clear instructions and set boundaries. • Observing adults and
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