Unit 34 Essay

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Unit 34 1.1 By making sure that I have attended all training and keep myself up dated. By making sure I update support records, risk assessments and care plans. By making sure accident forms and first aid training are completed. 1.2 Carrying out and reviewing risk assessments for all of the activities we do and places we visit ensures that thought and concern is given to how we do things every day. This way I ensure risks concerning activities are minimised and therefore reducing the risk of injury or harm to the individual and myself. Understanding signs of neglect/abuse is also important so I am able to report it to the relevant third party to protect the individual. 2.1 Sometimes individuals may want to do something which could be a risk to their Health and safety. As a support worker i have a duty of care to that person and must do all that I can to keep them safe but also have a duty to respect the individuals rights and choice. 2.2 It could be that the individual no longer wants to use a walking aid but their care plan states they need it to move around. I would carry out a risk assessment to ensure that it is managed as safely as possible and inform the individual of the risks involved and make sure they understand. 2.3 I would speak to other team members or senior staff for advice. I could also look at my policies and procedures for help. I could also ask their family and friends, GP, care professionals, advocates. 3.1 I would listen to the complainant, give them my undivided attention, record the complaint accurately, tell them how and to whom the complaint will be reported to, assure them that their complaint will receive attention and be resolved as soon as possible, report immediately and follow up and by keeping the complainant informed. 3.2 The main points for handling complaints is timeframe, verbal response, written response, follow
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