Duty of Care

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DUTY OF CARE 304 Ai WHAT IS MEANT BY THE TERM DUTY OF CARE Duty of care is a requirement that a person acts towards others and the public with the watchfulness, attention, caution and prudence that a reasonable person in the circumstances would. If a person's actions do not meet this standard of care, then acts are considered negligent and any damages resulting may be claimed in a lawsuit for damages. Aii HOW THE DUTY OF CARE AFFECTS THE WORK OF A SOCIAL CARE WORKER Duty of care makes us more aware, responsible and accountable for neglience when looking after somebody. Our observation and listening skills are very important. For example, If we notice a client has a sore spot at the base of the spine and we fail to report it or apply cream to it, in a very short space of time it could develop into a pressure sore which is neglient. Aiii WHAT HAVING A DUTY OF CARE MEANS FOR A CARE GIVING ORGANSIATION Organisations must do as much as is reasonable possible to keep individuals safe from harm. This can be achieved by providing policies and proccedures to keep all in the setting safe. Respond to reports and complaints, address any risk. Included in the policies and proceedures the organsiation needs to be aware of dangers, carrying out risk assessment, respecting the individuals right to make risky choices ( after you have done all that is possible to dissuade them), take actions to keep individuals safe and log and report any dangers or problems. Aiv HOW THE DUTY OF CARE CONTRIBUTES TO SAFEGAURDING OF INDIVIDUALS By understanding the duty of care reporting any suspicions you may have about abuse or neglect of any person you are providing care for. By understanding that your responsibilities contribute to the protection of people, by acting responsibly and in a timely manner to ensure people are safeguarded. If you have

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