How to Wash a Car

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Car Wash There are many activities which one can do during his free time. Cars are the most popular transportation. People who use cars always see after a couple of months that the cars are dusty and dirty. Some people take their cars to the car wash shop, but others prefer to wash their cars by themselves. Washing a car by yourself is easy, could save you money, and a way to exercise. Here are the steps that will teach you how to wash a car. After you follow all the steps, you would find that washing a car is a fun activitiy. First, we have to prepare our car cleaning materials. We need a sponge, a bucket, a cup of car wash shampoo, water, water hose or pressure washer, a charmeuse cloth, and a tire cleaner spray. We can find all these materials in almost every store around you and would not cost more than $30. After we acquire all the equipment, we can now change a dirty car into a clean car. All the material can be re- use for many times. Check that the car lights, radio, and engine are turned off then make sure that you close all the windows and doors. It is better to let the engine of the car cool down before starting to clean it. Get the water hose or the pressure washer and turn the water on. You must spray outside of the car and make sure you do not miss any spots because a dry spot can receive a scratch from the sponge. Next, fill the bucket half way with water, then add a cup of car wash shampoo. Stir the bucket with a sponge before rubbing and wiping the car body. You rub and wipe the car with the sponge from the top to bottom of the car but the wheels and rims are the last area because they are the dirtiest parts of the car. Rinse all the soap with the from the water hose or pressure washer then dry the water by wiping with a charmeuse cloth. Then let the water around the car washing area dry also. Last, use the tire cleaner to spray all the

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