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how to change your oil in your car because that's something I'm trying to learn as i'm talking about it. I know most women know how to change oil but I don't so I asked my boyfriend. I have a new 2011 chevy impala so it tells me how much percent I got. It's at 80% right now so when it gets down to 10% i'm gone get it changed. Then I'll have to go get it reset after the Engine oil is changed. To reset it i'll have to insert the key in the ignition turn it on but I don't start the car. Look for the Engine Oil Life hold the set and reset button and the Engine life will go back up to the 100%. I turn the unstarted car off. Then start it back up and verify that the Engine Oil Life have been reset. I think it's awesome to know when will you need…show more content…
Oil (various weights; synthetic; additives), Oil filter with a specific model, Oil filter wrench, Socket wrench, Catch pan, Funnel or oil spout, Container for oil, & some Ramps. I pay close attention to my boyfriend when he change the oil and all 3 of his cars. Some people go by the manual and some don't some people like him just call Auto Zone and see how many quarts of oil he needs and tell them what kind of car it is. To start off you should put on old clothing to change the oil. After that's done warm your car up. Have your ramps ready and drive slowly onto them set the parking brakes when you get on the ramps correctly. Open the hood of the car and the oil filler cap on the top of the engine because it helps the oil drain out alot easier. You look for the drain plug on the bottom of the oil pan. Drain the oil out the engine into the drain pan. Then you want to get under the car using a creeper. which is something used to get under the car without crawling some people prefer not to use the creeper. It takes ten to fifteen minutes for all of the oil to drain out of the car. Once you have drained all the oil replace the drain plug back in the oil pan. Make sure you tighten down

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