Assessment One Outline the Health and Safety Policies and Procedures of the Work Setting.

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Assessment One Outline the health and safety policies and procedures of the work setting. In my setting I have to learn to do the tasks of: • Nappy Changing • Food Preparation and Clearing • Children’s Sleep Pattern • Fire Procedures • Key Personal files and individual Learning Plans (ILP’s) • The care of the nursery equipment • Lifting and handling • Safeguarding Children • Staff Presentation and Safety • Grievances • Accidents • Security Toilet and Nappy Changing Procedures The Policy and Procedures of the Montessori Lido of toileting and nappy changing. We MUST make sure that we have completely washed our hand so that we have limited the number of germs that might be living on them, all so we HAVE to wear the disposable gloves along with the blue plastic apron. Once we have done that then we let the child get the changing mat while we gather together all the equipment that we should need such as nappy bags, disposable gloves, blue apron, wipes, book of records, the Child’s bag which should contain their own nappies, wipes (if they don’t have the wipes then we can use the ones provided by the nursery) and cream. Once colleted then first we put on the disposable gloves and apron as well as wiping down the changing mat with a small amount of antibacterial spray. Again to kill all germs that might be living on it. Once the child is on the mat we remove the clothing from the lower part of the body. Next we change the nappy from the old to the new making sure that the front of the nappy is lined up with the child’s tummy button. Before we place the new nappy on each child needs to be wiped down. The different sex of child has a slightly different way of wiping, for example a little girl

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