Demontration Speech Essay

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Introduction: Do any of you have that one pair of leather shoes or boots that you absolutely love? (Look around room) For me, its cowboy boots, and lots of them! A good shoe polishing technique will not only help them look their best, but also extend the life of them. I’m going to show you that shoe polishing is really easy to do once you have the right materials. Transition: Today, we will begin by gathering the supplies we need to polish our shoes. Body: First, we will need to prepare our work area and gather our materials. I. The materials we will be using today are: (Hold each one up as I say it) A. 1. Shoe Polish 2. Newspaper 3. Horsehair Brush 4. Two soft rags (Mine are from an old cotton t-shirt) 5. Spray Water Bottle Transition: Now that we have all of our supplies, we can begin polishing our shoes. II. We will now discuss polishing our shoes. A. While there are a few different techniques used to polish shoes, the method I’m going to show you is my family’s tried and true shoe polishing procedure. My Grandfather was in the service, and he taught my mother, who in turn taught me to polish shoes. 1. First, we’re going to prepare our work area by putting down newspaper to keep everything clean and protected. 2. Next, clean off your shoes with a rag making sure there’s no dirt or debris. 3. Then, dip your soft rag into the show polish, and begin applying to shoe in circular motion (Making sure to get in all the cracks) 4. Next, go over the shoe with your horsehair brush using short, fast strokes. (Using some elbow grease heats up the polish and helps the shoe absorb the polish). 5. Then, take your cloth or t-shirt and buff out the rest of your shoe so it shines. 6. Lastly, for extra shine – spray a little bit of water on the shoe and buff it with the soft rag. (Some people use spit)

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