1310 Unit 8 Lab1

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Unit 8 Lab 1 Running head: FIBER OPTIC CONNECTOR ASSEMBLY Fiber Optic Connector Assembly NT1310 Fiber Optic Connector Assembly * Figure 1 Fiber Termination kit Figure 1 Fiber Termination kit Figure 2: LC Multimode & Singlemode Connector Figure 2: LC Multimode & Singlemode Connector Put on safety glasses and prepare work area by organizing all necessary tools from the Fiber Termination Kit and the Consumables Kit. Place primer bottle into primer stand, remove dust-caps from fiber connectors, etc. * Slide the strain relief boot (and crimp sleeve for jacketed fiber) over the fiber in the proper orientation. * Using the jacket stripper tool, strip off the outer jacket at the ‘A’ length indicated on the template card. Use the 1.0mm opening for 1.6mm fiber. Also trim the Kevlar to the ‘C’ length using the electrician style scissors. * Using the marker pen and the template card provided, measure and mark the buffer strip length as shown on the template. * Using the buffer strippers, strip off the buffer in at least two pieces. * Using a dry, lint-free wipe; Remove any remnants of the protective coating on the fiber after stripping the buffer. * Insert the fiber into the connector until the buffer bottoms out inside the housing. Tip: Rotate the connector during insertion to assist in guiding the fiber into the ferrule. For jacketed fiber, allow the kevlar to fan out around the connector barrel. * Hold the flat surface of the scribe tool flat against the ferrule tip with the beveled edge facing up. Carefully score the fiber close to the intersection of the ferrule tip and fiber. Score on one side only. * Remove the excess fiber with a straight, non-twisting pull and deposit in a safe place (i.e. onto a piece of tape or in the debris container). 4-STEP POLISH QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE: Film #1 (12 mic. Air-polish):

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