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Martin Deng 19/02/2012 11 Chemistry E T13P 8.2-5.3.1 perform a first-hand investigation to compare the properties of some common elements in their elemental state with the properties of the compound(s) of these elements (eg magnesium and oxygen) Chem.p1.53 Dot. pt.Pre.Chem. p 34 T13P: Comparison of properties in elemental and compound state T13P: Comparison of properties in elemental and compound state Introduction: The idea of this practical experiment is to understand properties of common elements in their elemental state and in their compound state. The processes that are to be used in this experiment are synthesis, oxidation and combustion. It also involves the changing of elements into a compound. Aim: To perform a synthesis of common elements to make it into its compound state and analyse the results obtained from the processes to understand and compare the properties of the before and after state Equipment: Crucible and lid Tripod Bunsen burner Tongs Clay triangle Magnesium wire (10cm) Measuring scales Method: 1) Weight the empty crucible with its lid on the measuring scales. Make sure the crucible is dry by wiping it with paper towels as moist applies weight and make the results inaccurate. 2) Coil the magnesium wire around a pencil and remove it to make a magnesium ribbon and weight it. 3) Set up Bunsen burner and tripod while placing the clay triangle on top the tripod, align with the triangle shape. 4) Place crucible with magnesium ribbon in it at an angle on top of the clay triangle. 5) Pick up Bunsen burner by its base and point it on top of the magnesium ribbon so that it will begin to ignite. 6) Take away Bunsen burner immediately after ignition and place it underneath the tripod. 7) Place the lid on top of the crucible using tongs. Make sure there is a small gap to allow products to not be

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