Flame Test Lab Report

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Flame Test Lab Report The Purpose of the Lab: The purpose of this lab was to observe the colours produced by the compounds in the flame, and also determine the unknown compounds. Precautions -There should be approved safety goggles that are worn while working in the lab. - Be cautious around the flames, do not get too close to it. - Do no burn the Q-tip, a little dip into the flame is enough to show the colours. - Make sure the Compounds are no where close to your other sensory organs, remember that only your eyes are protected by the Goggles. -If a compound is spilled, wipe it up immediately and tell the instructor. Materials : powder forms of these compounds - LiNO3 - NaNO3 - KNO3 - Ca(NO3)2 - Ba(NO3)2 - - Unknown compound A - Unknown compound B - Goggles, Bunsen burner, distilled water, Q-tips, paper towel and a striker. Procedures 1- Turn on the Bunsen burner around the 45 degree angle. 2- Feel the gas on the top of the Bunsen burner with your hands, adjust if too high or too low. 3- Light the Bunsen burner up with the striker. 4- Mix the wool of the Q-tip with your Distilled water. 5- Mix the wool of the Q-tip with your Compound. 6- Place only the edge of the Q-tip at the top the Flame. 7- Remove it when you see the of light being given off to avoid burning the Q-tip. 8- Clean up procedure: Discard used Q-tips to the bin, cover back compounds and put them up in a safe place, pour away distilled water in the sink, disconnect the Bunsen burner and clean it if stained,clean the lab test surroundings with paper towel to ensure no stain is left, wash your hands remove your goggles only when all equipments have been placed in safe places. Compound | Flame Colour Observation | 1 LiNO3

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