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Part 1 of The Redox Arena Objective: In this experiment, we had to conduct research on zinc, iodide, and acidified water. What my partner and I did was we mixed the aforementioned elements with acidified water to see what would happen. We took notes on the physical traits of each, and then we compared out qualitative results with the three samples we had. Materials & Observations: * electronic balance * Bunsen burner * Parafilm * Spatula * Boiling tube * Corks * large beaker * Stirring rod * large test tube * test tube rack * small graduated cylinder * pipets * grease pencil * Ziploc bag * Boiling chips- off white, small pebble like pieces * Desiccant- white small rocks, chalky * Acidified water- clear liquid * Sodium thiosulfate- clear liquid * Granular zinc- gray, small, mineral like * Iodine crystals- dark grey, shiny solid * Zinc ion- grey, irregular shaped * Solid zinc iodide- white solid * Mineral oil- colorless solution The Mass table was as followed: Chemicals | Amount | Granular Zinc | 2.01 grams | Iodine Crystals | 2.01 grams | Acidified Water | 5.0 mL | Procedure: 1. Obtain a boiling tube, a large test tube and a small test tube. Label the boiling tube “R” 2. Using an electronic balance, weigh out two grams of granular zinc and record the mass. Weigh out two grams of iodine crystals, record the mass and add this all to the boiling tube labeled “R”. 3. Place the “R” tube in a beaker and get a large test tube, another boiling tube and a pipet. Label the large test tube “C” and the boiling tube “P”. Place one boiling chip into the “P” tube. 4. Add 5 mL of acidified water to the “R” tube. Once added start swirling the chemicals without shaking up or down. 5. When the solution turns orange, pipet 30 drops of the colored

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