Lab Part 2

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Results: Zinc Metal - Iodine - Iodide + Triodide + Zinc Ion + Focus Questions: 1. Is there a way to put energy into Zinc Iodide in order to regain the elements, zinc and iodine? If there is a way, how does it happen? Yes, this can be done through electrolysis using a battery and exposed wire tips. Take sample of Zinc Iodide and dissolve in solution. Then, take the battery, with exposed wire tips attached, and place the tips into the solution. In about 1-2 minutes, there should be a red-brown color coming out of one of the wires, and a dark substance depositing on the other wire, these should iodine and zinc respectively. 2. What are the identities of the substances found after electrolysis and heating? The identities of the substances found were Iodine, Iodide ion (I-), Triodide ion(I3-), Zinc metal and Zinc ion(Zn2+) Post Lab questions: 1. What did this experiment convincingly show about the composition of the white solid? I put that the experiment showed us the white substance was comprised of Zinc ions and iodide ions, and that the two ions and be separated back into their respective elements 2. During the electrolysis, a gray solid formed on the negative wire of the battery and the dark red solution formed at the positive wire of the batter. Account for this in terms of the positive and negative ions. Iodide ions have the symbol I-, indicating they are negatively charged, which cause them to be attracted to be something with a positive charge, which is why there was a red-brown solution at the positive end. Zinc ions have the symbol Zn2+, indicating a postive charge, which cause them to be attracted to something with a negative charge, which is why a grayish solid formed at the negative wire. 3. In the first part of the lab you found out that the products were different from the reactants. Now how are the products of the

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