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Jessica Atanova CHEM 104 lab 03/10/14 SUBSTANCES Granular zinc- gray crystal like | Iodine crystals- dark, circular, rock-like | De-ionized water: used for standard Zinc Ion procedure. | Materials: Boiling tube: for products. | Small test tubes: used to centrifuge the solution and precipitate | Graduated cylinder: used for measurement of water | Stirring rod: used various times to stir samples and solutions. | Spatula: used to measure and transfer the substances. | Centrifuge: used to isolate the solid from the solution | . Focus Questions: When acidified water is not used in the zinc and iodine synthesis, zinc hydroxide is formed. How can it be identified based on the amphoteric nature. When zinc and iodine react without the presence of acetic acid in the water, zinc hydroxide forms. This is evident because the substance tested positive for both the acid test and the base test for zinc hydroxide. Observations of the zinc and iodine reaction without acetic acid: After swirling, the solution starts off to be yellow, than changes to orange. During swirling becomes dark brown- reddish. The tube feels warm, which means that the reaction is exothermic. Soon, the dark red changes into black and then eventually lighter and lighter becomes colorless. The colorless solution is an indication that the reaction is complete. After adding 2mL of water, a “cloudy” precipitate forms but it wasn’t clear enough. Therefore, another 5mL of deionizer water wash added. After swirling for 1 minute more precipitate was formed. Action | Result | 2 mL of water was added to the boiling tube with zinc iodide solution and excess zinc. The tube was swirled | Very little precipitate was formed | 5 mL of water was added to the boiling tube, which contained zinc iodide

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