Unit 2 Public Health Research Paper

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UNIT A Tissues, Organs, and Systems of Living Things Scanning electron micrograph of red and white blood cells flowing through a vein in a human leg (magnification 4000 ) 2 Contents 1 Cells are the basic unit of life and often combine with other cells to form tissues. 1.1 Plant and Animal Cells 1.2 The Cell Cycle and Mitosis DI 1.3 Specialized Plant and Animal Cells 2 An organ consists of groups of tissues and works with other organs to form organ systems. 2.1 Organs in Animals and Plants DI 2.2 Organ Systems in Animals and Plants 2.3 Interdependent Organ Systems 3 Advances in biological technologies have an impact on individuals and society. 3.1 Medical Imaging Technologies DI 3.2 Public Health Strategies to…show more content…
Quarantine restricted the actions of individuals who appeared to have the illness and kept them away from healthy people. An individual would be kept in quarantine until symptoms of the illness were gone. In some situations, signs would be posted on the front door of houses to indicate the presence of a quarantine. Today, public health officials may impose quarantine to stop the spread of disease. You will consider some of the political, economic, social, and ethical issues associated with using quarantine to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. 1. As a class, discuss the term “quarantine” and give examples of the use of quarantine in society. 2. Work with a partner and think about the implications of living in your house under an imposed quarantine for two weeks. 3. Repeat step 2, but assume that you are in need of medical care and that the local hospital is under quarantine. 4. Should governments have the right to impose a quarantine on individuals? Explain your answer. 5. What economic problems could be associated with the imposition of quarantine ? 6. Explain some of the social problems that could be associated with the imposition of quarantine. 7. Explain some of the ethical issues associated with the imposition of quarantine. 8. Do you think that placing sick people in quarantine prevents the spread of disease? Explain your answer.…show more content…
Examine a prepared slide of an animal cell through the low- and high-power objective lenses. Repeat steps 8 and 9. 11. Clean up your work area. Make sure to follow your teacher’s directions for safe disposal of materials. Wash your hands thoroughly. Analyzing and Interpreting 12. How many times is the magnification increased when you change from the low-power to the highpower lens? 13. State two observable characteristics that you can use to distinguish an animal cell from a plant cell based on what you saw using the compound light microscope. Show your work. Record the high-power field diameter both in millimetres and micrometres in your table. Skill Practice Part 2 — Estimating Cell

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