Nvq Task D

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Task D - Questions Di) List three substances that can be found in an adult social care setting. - Medication. - Cleaning chemicals. - Bodily fluids. Dii) Medication: Storage - In a locked medicine trolley. Use - To give to service users as prescribed. Disposal - To be sent back to the pharmacy for them to dispose of. Body Waste: Storage - In a yellow bin in the sluice room. Use - Using personal protective equipment such as an apron and gloves. Soiled linen goes straight into a red bag. Disposal - Once the yellow bin is 75% full the waste company will collect to dispose of. Cleaning Fluids: Storage - In a locked cleaning cupboard. Use - To clean the care setting of any germs. Use personal protective equipment such as gloves and aprons and wash your hand afterwards.…show more content…
Dv) Identify three common signs or indicators of stress. - Sudden attacks of panic. - Social withdrawal. - Difficultly sleeping/insomnia. Dvi) Give two examples of circumstances or situations that may cause a person to feel stress. - When a person is overworked due to being busy with their home life and work life. - When a person who has children who are constantly in trouble with the police due to criminal activity. Dvii) Identify and describe two ways of managing stress. - One way to manage stress is to avoid negative thinking. Do this by looking at and thinking about the positive things in your life which should then help to balance out the negatives and positives. Another way to manage stress is to make sure you are getting enough sleep at night as lack of sleep only aggravates stress even more. To get more sleep you can try going to bed earlier then you usually
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