Transport Body Waste Analysis

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Transporting body waste 1,Any body waste eg urine,blood,faeces or vomit needs to be recorded eg urine in a catheter,it would be measured accurately and recorded accurately,legible and completed in the correct document eg which may be an intake or output chart ,recorded book or a care plan 2,Waste{urine,faeces,blood,vomit} I would transport it to eg toilet,sluice etc,etc quickly and discretely whilst minimizing the risk of cross infection eg i would put a lid on the commode/pan and wear protective gloves and apron. 3,I would dispose of waste in a safe way in consistent with the client's personal beliefs and preferences eg the client may prefer a kidney bowl to be taken away and emptied or the client him/her self or the client prefer to flush the toilet handle him/her self 4,I would make sure anybody waste has been collected and disposed of and the…show more content…
7,8,Any spillages,i would clean thoroughly and as quickly as possible using the correct materials and equipment for that particular spillage.I would effectively wash my hands using an effective antibacterial soap,after collecting and disposing of body
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