Wash A Contaminated Scope Research Paper

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| | | | | | |Washing a contaminated scope. (Gastro |Once a contaminated scope has been used and then come through into the dirty side off scope | |scope/Colon scope) |wash, I first fill my sinks with water and put one squirt off disinfectant which is Thermoton| | |into the dirty side off the sinks. | | |I then put on my PPE which includes | | |Red apron…show more content…
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Next using the cloth that comes with the scope I wipe the head control and | | |the tail end also three times to make sure that there is no debris still left on the scope. | | |The manual part off cleaning the scope is now complete all that is left to do is to flush the| | |scope through with detergent water, clean water and air. To do this I place the channel | | |separator into the two top holes that have been brushed down and then the octopus is | | |connected to the other end off the scope that plugs into the scope stack. With using the pre | | |wizard washer I connect it up to the octopus on the scope and the machine then flushes | | |detergent water, clean water and air down the two channels, once this process is complete I

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