Outcome 1. Understand How to Prepare and Manage Environments and Resources for Use During Healthcare Activities.

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Health And Social care Diploma level 3 Unit 236 Outcome 1. Understand how to prepare and manage environments and resources for use during healthcare activities. 1. Explain how the environment is prepared, maintained and cleaned to ensure it is ready for the healthcare activity. Example bathing. When bathing a service user I would first ensure that the bathroom was clean and tidy and that this was equipped for the task ahead. In order to ensure this was ready I would collect towels, toiletries, clean clothing and any other items the service user requires. I would then ensure that the bath was in a clean state and if this was the case I would begin to fill the bath ensuring the temperature of the water was checked with the hot spot ensure no risk of scalding was present. After the bath had finished filling I would then proceed to collect the service user from the lounge/ bedroom and assist them with their bathing needs. While assisting with their bathing needs I would apply PPE (gloves, apron) and allow them time to have a nice soak in the bath. When they are ready to get out the bath I would place appropriate non slip mat on the floor and assist the service user to exit the bath. I would help the service user to dry and dress if they require this and then would proceed to return the service user to their lounge/ bedroom before returning to the bathroom and begin the process of cleaning the bathroom ready for the next service user to use. In order to clean this I would collect cleaning equipment from the cleaner’s cupboard and spray the bath with appropriate cleaning agents and using a clean cloth and after cleaning the bath I would rinse this thoroughly with hot water to remove any residue from the bath. I would then proceed to mop the floor and apply a wet floor sign so to make the next user aware the floor may be wet. 2. Describe the roles and
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