Horse Grooming Essay

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“Horse Grooming” Image being a 10-year-old little girl and having the reasonability of another living life. Horses are beautiful animals that must feel respected; if you respect them they will respect you. Gaining the respect of a horse is a must when caring for them. The bond between a horse and its owner is something that is very magical but you have to earn the horses trust. In any relationship regardless if it’s a horse or a human you must trust one another. Respect and trust are the foundation of a bond. Your halter and lead rope should be accessible and in hand while entering the horses stall. Before entering a horses' stall you must make your presents known. Approaching a horse unannounced can have deadly consequences for you and the horse. When leading the horse from its stall, you always walk on the left side of the horse. Caring for a horse is truly relaxing for you and the horse; how you groom a horse has several steps to success. Everyone enjoys having their hair brushed, horses are not any different. With horses there are a few steps to keep in mind when grooming. Cleaning horses hoofs is the most important part of grooming. You use a tool called a horse pick. Use the pick to clean dirt and rocks just like you would clean out under your figure nails. You start with the left front hoof and work your way around, ending with the right front hoof. Next it is important to remove dirt sports from the horses’ body. To remove tuff spots of dirt you use a currycomb. Currycomb is a circular shaped comb with tiny teeth, which pull dirt from the hair. You use the currycomb in a circular motion starting from the neck and moving around the whole body but avoiding the legs. Following the use of the currycomb you take a body brush and brush away excess dirt and hair. You can use some muscle when doing this, also the body brush can be used on the legs and

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