Cast Impressions Essay

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I chose a shoe in the scenario. The steps to create a cast of a shoe impression is, The primary consideration in collecting impressions at the crime scene is the preservation of the impression or its reproduction for later examination in the crime laboratory. Before any impression is moved or otherwise handled, it must be photographed (a scale should be included in the picture) to show all the observable details of the impression. Several shots should be taken directly over the impression as well as at various angles around the impression. The skillful use of side lighting for illumination will help highlight many ridge details that might otherwise remain obscured. Photographs should also be taken to show the position of the questioned impression in relation to the overall crime scene. Carefully brush away any small stones or loose soil from around the edge of the area to be cast so it does not fall into the impression once you start pouring the material, The impression is hardened using aerosol hairspray, Pour the casting material from one end or side of the impression and allow it to flow into and along the impression, can be poured out through the hole. This allows you to control the flow of the liquid, after the casting material has hardened, the cast can be removed, be careful removing the soil or you may damage the fine detail in the cast, a paint brush used with light pressure will work. Some characteristics of the shoe impression are something like manufacture general outsole patterns and shapes, footwear design features and feature markings can help examiners identify the manufacturer, model and size of the footwear. This information can be used to help by placing a suspect at a crime scene. Measurements of footwear impression dimensions can be used to provide the approximate height of a suspect. With shoeprint size information, investigators can refer to
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