Bacterial Growth from a School Bathroom Tap

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From a school bathroom tap. Bacterial Growth ------------------------------------------------- Introduction Hypothesis – if the number of sprays of Dettol is increased then the amount of bacterial growth will decrease. The aim of this experiments was to see how different amounts of Dettol antibacterial surface cleanser affect bacterial growth from a school bathroom tap. The independent variable was the amount of sprays of Dettol and the dependent variable was amount of bacterial growth. According to Dettol their products are proven to ‘kill 99.9%’ of germs so that means only 0.1% of bacteria should be able to grow on each of the Agar dishes that have been swabbed after Dettol has been sprayed. Thus meaning that for this experiment the more Dettol that is sprayed onto the area being swabbed the less bacteria that will be able to grow, so in prediction for this experiment the higher the sprays of Dettol the less the bacteria will grow. ------------------------------------------------- Procedure Materials - * 1x Dettol antibacterial surface cleanser (500ml spray bottle) * 7x Agar plates * 14x cotton buds (swabs) * 1x Paper towel * 1x Sticky Tape * 1x Permanent marker * Graph paper * Pen or pencil * IPhone with a torch app or a torch Method – Set up 1. Gather all equipment as listed above 2. Label the lid of each Agar dish with a. Group name (e.g. HKSJ) b. Teachers initials (e.g. LCL) c. What is contained (e.g. Control or spray 1 etc.) 3. Immediately sticky tape up the control dish to prevent any bacteria from further entering 4. Using one of the cotton buds, swab an area of the tap that is most commonly used (e.g. the handle) 5. Then with the infested cotton bud swab over the agar dish in quadrants, using a clean cotton bud for each quadrant. 6. Immediately
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