1.03 Flvs Chemistry

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Scenario: 2 Part 1 1. All independent variables will have to do with what is being given to the plants such as amount of water, amount of soil, if any same amount of fertilizer, etc. The dependent variable will be the time of day. 2. Amount of water: Measure the exact same amount of water given to each plant with a measuring cup. Amount of soil: Measure the exact same amount of soil placed in each plant holder. Type of water: Make sure only to use one type of water. Fertilizer: Make sure your using the same fertilizer with all the plants. Temperature: Make sure the plants have the same temperature in its surroundings. Part 2 Purpose Getting rid of unwanted weeds in the yard. Research Whether or not home remedies or commercial herbicides are more effective and reliable. Reliable internet sources ending in .gov, .edu, .org, and or .fsu . and Weed control experts. Hypothesis If home-made and commercial herbicides are sprayed on weeds then the commercial herbicides will be more effective, because the chemicals are made by experts who know what chemicals kill and prevent weeds. Experiment Fill 2 different boxes and fill then with soil make sure to use the same type and amount of soil. Measure around one cup of grass seed and sprinkle it on the soil. Water the seeds daily until the grass is at least 1.5 inches tall. Take 20 seeds from a rapid growing weed plant and evenly plant 10 in each box. Water the grass regularly until weeds start to grow throughout the grass. Follow directions for each weed killer and apply is to the boxes of grass/weeds. Make sure to use the same amount of weed killer in each box. Continue watering the boxer and record data on how much the weeds have grown and or decreased. Analysis Possible results to keep an eye out for would be dead grass, weeds, and the growth of molds. Conclusion To determine whether or not the

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