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Horse Training Horse training requires a variety of activities that teach horses certain behaviors when asked to do so by humans. Horses are trained to be obedient to humans for everyday care as well as for equestrian activities from horse racing to horseback riding for people with disabilities. Originally, horses were trained for warfare, farm work, sport and transport. Today, most horse training is geared toward making horses useful for a variety of recreational and sporting purposes. Horses are also trained for specialized jobs from movie stunt work to police and crowd control activities, circus entertainment. There is a big concern over different methods of horse training and even some of the words used to describe these methods. Some techniques are considered mean, other methods are considered gentler and more humane. Horse Training Goals A strong bond and understanding between horse and rider are the biggest task in horse training. The different training methods and training outcomes is large, but basic animal training concepts work for all forms of horse training. The first goal for training is to make a horse safe for humans to ride. The initial goal of most types of training is to create a horse that is safe for humans to handle. Horses are much bigger and stronger than humans, so they must be taught proper manners to not hurt a human. Horses are different from humans and do not have the same thinking ability as humans.We as people must think about how to use the intelligence of the horse to bring it to an understanding of what we want it to do. Horses work best in groups and when taught right will listen and respect a human trainer. Horses use the fight or flight method that are used for human needs. Horses are taught to rely on humans whether or not to fight or flight is the response and not to react on instinct. Like most animals, a young horse will

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