Stampede Electric Vs Monster Truck Research Paper

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The Stampede Electric vs. Nitro RC Monster Truck By: Jeremy Mitchell Course: ENG 121 English Composition I Instructor: Jay Lorenz Date: 04/16/12 The Stampede Electric vs. Nitro RC Monster Trucks The new hobby of “RC Cars” or “Remote Controlled Cars” They ask “what is better gas or electric. The only way they will ever know how to make a decision is to weigh the pros and cons of any choice on paper. The Stampede Electric RC Monster Truck vs. The Nitro RC Monster Truck. The Traxxas Electric Stampede #3605 Electric driven Monster Truck costs $219.99 +tax for a total of $235.39. The Stampede requires 8AA batteries to run the Traxxas TQ Receiver. The 7cell NiMH battery requires a full charge before use. The Traxxas manufacturer requests you to fully…show more content…
The skill level for the user suggested is level 2. The Monster truck comes with waterproof electronics. The Nitro Motor consists of a Traxxas Pro.15 Nitro Powered Motor. This truck comes stock with an 11 tooth pinion gear for fast acceleration. If you want to reach higher speeds install the 23 tooth pinion gear that comes with the truck in the box. Both Monster trucks are equipped with the same frame, tires, shocks, body, remote, pinion gears and electronics. The Monster Truck bodies are the same style with the only difference of a circular hole in the bed of the truck for the top of the Nitro motor. The reason for this is the needed air requirements for the Nitro motor or it would not run. To run The Electric Stampede they will have to charge the battery then connect the power turn on the receiver and speed controller and drive. While The Nitro Stampede requires them to fill the Nitro gas tank and connect the EZ-Start battery pack to warm the glow plugs and pull to start. Weather conditions can affect the driving and starting conditions for the Nitro Stampede whereas the Electric stampede the weather conditions has little to no affect at all on starting to driving

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