How to Jump Start Your Battery

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Kiana Hodges Ms. Gorges English Composition 21 October 2013 How to Jump Start Your Car Battery (Prescriptive Analysis) You finish shopping at the grocery store and start making your way back to your car. You put your groceries and cart up and get into your car. You try starting your car, but it won’t start. You turn your key again, to see if you can see some dashboard lights or if your car cranks slowly. If this happens you most likely have a dead battery and need to get a jump. These steps will help you and the person helping you jump start your battery in an efficient and safe way. First, park the donor car as close to your car as possible, making sure the two cars do not touch. Check to make sure your car lights, radio, A/C and other electronic mechanisms are off. Then, open each cars hood and locate the batteries. On most cars, it will be near the front of the car on the right or left side, but on some cars the battery is located near the firewall between the engine and passenger compartment. Find the positive and negative terminals. The cables leading to the positive battery terminals are red. And the cables leading to the negative terminals are black. If you are still unsure, the positive terminal on the battery will be marked with a “+” and the negative terminal with an “-“. Next, after you have completed the steps above you will need to retrieve the jumper cables. Your jumper cables should have a red (positive) and black (negative) cable with a clamp at each end of the cables to connect to your battery terminals. Separate the jumper cables making sure the clamps do not touch; it could cause a short circuit. Before clamping one of the red cables onto the positive terminal you may need to remove a plastic cover. After you have removed it or it was already removed, you can now attach the clamp to the positive terminal of the dead battery making

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