How to Change a Spare for a Girl

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How to Change a Tire As a girl, you may not think I know much about changing a tire on a vehicle. But I have news for you, I am practically a professional. Many people experience this problem daily, and are clueless on what to do, except to call for help. Well, what are they going to do when there is no one to call? In my experience, I believe that being able to change a tire on your own is one of the most useful skills to learn. Before I was able to get my license, I was required to take a Drivers Education class. In the class, is where I first learned how to change a tire. I had no idea that this information would be as useful to me as it has been. In this paper, I will provide specific details on how to change a tire. It may save you, the reader, a service call some day, as it has for me. To begin with, you should always be prepared for the advent of a flat tire. Most vehicles come equipped with the implements needed to successfully change a tire. If not, a list of supplies you will need include: emergency warning triangles, a flashlight with a stand, a jack, a spare tire, a lug nut wrench, and a torque wrench. All of which I have personally used, and believe are extremely important in being successful at changing your own tire. If your tire goes flat while driving, slowly reduce your speed and safely pull off of the roadway giving your self enough room to change your tire. This is a very important step to remember to avoid causing an accident or any more damage to your vehicle. Next, turn off your engine and engage your parking break. Make sure to turn on your vehicles hazard lights, regardless of the time of day. This ensures that other drivers are aware of your presence. If in your possession, take an extra step of precaution and put up reflectors, also to alert other motorist you are stopped. Next, remove all supplies from trunk, or car. With your

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