Cause And Effect Of Drivers

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Cause and Effect of Drivers A car is necessary in the daily lives, but it's extremely dangerous when we use it. According to statistics: automobile accidents are attributed to 37.5% of accidental deaths in the United States, making them the country's leading cause of accidental deaths. A journalist wrote "Teens, Cars, Cell phones. The mix is as combustible as gas, fire and oxygen. And the result can be just as deadly” .Most cases, accidents are caused by children under the age 16 driving, drinking while driving, or taking on the phone and text messaging while driving. These are very dangerous to life and others. A driver's license for a teenager is a milestone and one of the biggest events in young lives. Of course the independence it gives teens is wonderful, but it can be quite frightening to a parent when one’s child drives a car. Teens will have to handle a lot of instructions and rules of the road, and they must be ready for this responsibility, so teens must take driving lessons. An example,"I'm concerned that you will learn something in this car that will help you be a safer driver," Wilson told Steven Pike and Fletcher Burckhardt (Ayo, Laura). I think it was a speech about learning to drive at a younger age. Because when we learn to drive on knowledge of how to drive safely and situations we encounter while driving. So learning to drive very important. It’s beginning for driver. Another example “He said experience has indicated that driver training courses help young people "better prepares them in being good drivers," Wright said.”The training helps in encouraging good habits and teaches them things they may not learn otherwise."(Ayo, Laura) An affirmation that learning to drive before teenagers drives is very important. I know that the first I was driving, I had accident. The very first year of driving, boys or girls, is very dangerous. More experience

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