How to Change a Flat Tire

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How to Change a Flat Tire Statistics show that the average person will have five flat tires in their lifetime. Many people who drive their vehicles to work everyday face a fear of getting a flat tire. For some people, they have the option of picking up their cell phone and calling triple A or a local towing company, but most don’t have that luxury and are forced to do it themselves. So, here is a how to guide for changing a flat tire, starting with parking the car, raising the vehicle and tightening up the lug nuts. The first thing you do after you have blown your tire is to pull over to the side of the road, put the transmission into park and turn on your emergency flashers. Next is making sure you have a spare tire and the tools needed; for example; a lug nut wrench (or crossbar), to loosen the lug nuts (the hardware that holds the tire tight to the car) and a car jack. After you’ve located your tools, take your crossbar and loosen the lug nuts, turning counter clockwise, while leaving the tire on. You then place the car jack underneath the car and begin to raise the vehicle up until the tire is a couple inches off the ground. After you have raised the vehicle off of the ground, you then loosen the rest of the lug nuts and begin to take the tire off. Place the lug nuts in a safe location where they wont get lost. Then take the flat tire off and put it in your trunk, while replacing it with the spare. If you are unsure which way the spare goes on, make sure the valve (small tube sticking out the tire where air is placed) is facing out. The final steps of fixing a flat tire are tightening the lug nuts by turning them clockwise until they are nice and snug. After they are all nice and snug, lower the vehicle to the ground, take out your crossbar and tighten all the lug nuts. When everything is tightened, place all your tools back from where you

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