The Siege Of Glen Gary Analysis

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The Siege of Glen Gary The SCA ( Society of Creative Anachronism) is an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe. Members, dressed in clothing of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, attend events which feature tournaments, royal courts, feasts, dancing, various classes & workshops, and more. As an avid medieval reinactor, I had the pleasure of making a weekend trip to an annual event called the Siege of Glen Gary. To prepare for the weekend ahead I had spent the week before without leaving my sewing machine. I had chosen to portray a Viking background which required the appropriate attire. An apron dress as it was called, was the most common for Viking women in…show more content…
Push one end of the thread through the eye of the needle. Match up the ends of the thread and tie in a knot. Each stitch will then have two layers of thread which will strengthen and reinforce the stitch. Place together the two parts of the fabric that are being stitched together. For a straight, regular stitch, this mean to line up the edges and put the outside or fashion parts of the fabric together. Beginning at one edge of the fabric, push the needle through both layers of the fabric and pull until the knot at the end of the thread catches. Push the needle back through both layers of the fabric on the same side that the thread is currently coming through. Push it back through the fabric about one to two millimeters from the first hole. The smaller the stitches are, the more secure the seam will be. Continue alternating from side to side, pushing the needle through the same side the thread has ended up. Stitch small stitches in a straight line from beginning to end for a straight, regular stitch. This stitch is the most common used. Once the fabric has been stitched from one end to the other, end by tying a knot in the thread at the end, and cut the excess thread being careful not to cut the knot off. It is probably wise to put at least two knots in at the end for extra…show more content…
Something inside of me always yearned to sew, and you can learn too. Do not be discouraged and keep practicing, at the end you'll see it was all worth the wait. You can perform all the basic sewing maneuvers, plus a few extra, such as the zigzag stitch. Learn to love sewing, and you will keep the sewing tradition alive for years to come. Something inside of me always yearned to sew, and you can learn too. And who knows, maybe after you discover the joys of sewing, you will decide to move forward and open a small sewing business to create and sew unique pieces of

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