Bike Safety Essay

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What to wear Helmet Wrist guards-unless it makes it difficult for you to ride the bike Elbow pads Knee pads. Now can anyone tell me why you should wear all the things while riding a bike? At night Wear reflective tape, and have a light on your bike. So cars can see you, and its wise to always bike with an adult at night. By far the most important part is your helmet, which you must wear, it is the law. Does anyone know how a helmet should fit? A helmet usually comes with sizing pads and those are used to help secure the helmet to your head, and as you grow up they can be removed. So you helmet should sit level on your head not rocking from side to side and low on your forehead so you can fit about 2 fingers above you eyebrow. Buckle your helmet and adjust the straps, on the side so that your helmet fits secure, fitting no more then 2 fingers underneath it. Finally. Do a test to make sure it fits right, yawn really big, if the helmet should push down on your head, then it’s a good fit. Also, it’s a good idea to have a bell, let cars know your there. Bike check Now you should also check your bike to make sure its safe to ride, you can probably do this with an adult. Test the brake to make sure they work That your set is the proper height (which is when your standing the set should be at your hip) Feel your wheels to make sure the have enough air in them Now if you’re riding on busy roads, it’s usually best to ride with an adult. Time to ride Ok so know your ready to start biking. Now its time to learn some rules of the road -Always ride with he flow of traffic -When you are crossing at an intersection always get off your bike and walk it across. -Always pay attention to pedestrians, and the cars on the road, and obey the signs and traffic lights. (Show signboard) If you are making a turn or coming to a stop always signal -Show the

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