How to clean an M16M4

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How to clean an M16M4 Today we will have an overview in detail of the process of breaking down and cleaning of the M4 battle rifle. The M4 carbine rifle is the newest variant of the M16. It is the weapon of choice among most combat units. Its small size and its modifiability make it ideal for urban combat situations. If you have never touched or seen this weapon you will be able to understand how to break it down and clean it after these detailed instructions. There are eight main steps to follow which have to be in order. Now get ready to experience what U.S soldiers have been doing for hundreds of years. Our beginning step is to clear your weapon. Drop the magazine, if there is one in the rifle, by pressing the magazine-release button on the left side of the weapon. Pull back the charging handle and look inside the breech to check for any rounds in the chamber. If there is brass or a live round caught in the breech then lock the bolt to the rear and carefully pry it out. This is a very important step. You need to make sure that your weapon is clear of any rounds. You can have the risk of a misfire or the possibility of death due to neglect of a round in the chamber. The last step in the clearing process is to put your weapon on “safe.” Once all these clearing steps are complete we will now be ready to continue on. Our next step in the cleaning process is to clean the exterior of your weapon. For this step we will need the following items, a toothbrush, cotton swabs, paint brush, and a rag. Any of these items new or used will be fine. Dust off the outside of the rifle with a brush. A barber or half-inch paintbrush is ideal for this. Use a toothbrush or cotton swabs for the areas around the trigger and front sight-posts. You can also grab a can of air duster to help loosen dirt or sand in areas which the brush will not get. Next remove the hand guards from

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