Unit 4222-233 Essay

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UNIT 4222-233 MEET FOOD SAFETY REQUIREMENTS WHEN PROVIDING FOOD AND DRINK FOR INDIVIDUALS. 1.1 Workers should be aware of and practice personal Hygiene - eg, hand washing, hair up and nails short and clean. Food stored at correct temperature, chilled or frozen. Food stored in correct conditions - eg raw meat not contaminating cooked meat & veg not using same utensils for raw meat and other foods using correct chopping boards. Food should be served at the correct temperature; temperature should be monitored if food is kept in warming trays. 1.2 The main reason for implementing food safety is to keep individuals from becoming ill due to food not properly prepared. In a large setting such as banquets, weddings or group gatherings you can make a large portion of the population ill by not following proper food safety. These illnesses can range from mild (upset stomach, headache) to severe (death). Food should be thrown out or refrigerated after being left out for 2 hours. All reheated food should be heated to 140 degrees F. Make sure you practice good hygiene, by washing your hands, washing utensils before using again, heating properly and storing properly. 1.3 Personal protective clothing (ppe) should be worn when handling food to prevent the spread of germs or bacteria for example if you have a small cut on your hand it could get infected or you could spread infection onto the food therefore spreading to the service user. Using aprons will protect your clothing from becoming dirty but also prevent any bacteria on your clothing spreading onto surfaces and the food you are preparing. Gloves and aprons will also protect your skin from burns from oils, very hot liquids and food containers. 1.4 Surfaces, utensils and equipment must be clean before starting a new task to ensure matter on which bacteria grows is removed, reduces the risk of foreign matter in
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