Traits Of Good Character Essay

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Traits of Good Character Have you ever felt good when your teacher or friend said, “Thank you” or “You’re such a kind person?” How about knowing you did a good deed for someone? Respectable and moral traits demonstrate your behavior towards others and even yourself. Good characteristics can come from portraying trustworthy actions, respectful manners, responsible decisions, fair performances, caring deeds, and good citizenship. Not everyone can demonstrate all these traits, but everyone can at least show a few. Developing good behavior enhances your ability to communicate with others and can impact many peoples’ lives. Looking back, I can definitely spot different occasions where I illustrated positive and negative characteristics in these six traits. Not only do I realize the negative points, but it’s helpful to learn from my mistakes to ensure I wouldn’t make a similar mistake again. From these six types of traits, I can admit these positive and negative actions I once made throughout my life have its own significant meaning and consequences. Trustworthiness: Being loyal and honest show trustworthiness a person can demonstrate. Trustworthy people are reliable individuals who will do what they say and never cheat, deceive, or steal. One time I demonstrated trustworthiness was in fifth grade when I was 9. We were having a state capital test and someone pointed out that the answers were on the wall to another student. Soon, almost everyone knew except the teacher. Even though many people looked, I held my values and didn’t look even though I knew it was there. I ended up getting full score without cheating. But, one time I poorly demonstrated the positive side of the trait was when I was 12. I told my mom that I would go to sleep at ten o’clock, but I took my iPod to bed and stayed up until one in the morning. Instead of being reliable and doing what I say

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