How To Be Deaf For A Day

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Deaf for a Day When I saw this assignment I was thinking that it was going to be easy to be ‘deaf for a day’. Then I realized that I actually had to plan my whole day of how I was going to spend my day so that I could do it on a day or at a time that I was not working. I planned my day accordingly, waking up to a vibrating phone, ‘deaf’ for two hours, work until one in the afternoon and then ‘deaf’ for the rest of the day. The day before I ‘became deaf’; I deliberated the idea that I would need to wake myself up without hearing my alarm. The night before, I found a strap that could be attached to a phone or a camera and put it on my phone. I set the phone to silent so that it would only vibrate and I kept it in my hand all night. I woke myself up to a vibrating phone so I didn’t have to hear it to wake up. My ‘deaf for a day’ started at seven in the morning, when I woke up to my phone vibrating. I immediately put earplugs in my ears, went down the stairs to the kitchen and started to make myself some breakfast. I had to watch the microwave and the toaster to see when my food would be done, and that was very odd for me. I made sure to have everything on mute and I didn’t even turn on the television. I noticed that when I was eating my breakfast, I could hear myself chewing and swallowing inside my head.…show more content…
I was very proud at my parents and my boyfriend for being so supportive of me and not getting so discouraged that they did not want to talk to me at all. I actually got more disheartened that they could not sign back to me that I stopped signing and wrote to them instead. This was a very great experience and if I would be ‘deaf for a day’ again, I would try to sign more and not get so sad that no one would answer me and just adapt to the way they
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