The Theme Of Identity In The Outsiders

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Essay Draft Self worth and feeling a sense of acceptance and belonging are some of the issues many teens face on their journey toward adulthood. In the novel The Outsiders by SE Hinton 1967 various themes of identity, acceptance and family are explored and revealed. Hinton’s novel The Outsiders, is based around the life of Ponyboy, 14 year old greaser, growing up in the 1960’s. Pony lives with his brothers, as their parents have died. He narrates the difficulties growing up in gangs, and being accepted, and the importance of family. After getting into trouble with the police, Ponyboy starts to realise he is different from gang, and enjoys different things like, poetry and reading and sunsets. Being stuck in the life of a greaser,…show more content…
Johnny wants his family to accept him, he want to be loved by his parent. He has never gotten that love because his mother didn’t love him and his father was a drunken alcoholic, who abused him. He seeks acceptance from the gang, and although stabbing Bob, which is completely out of character, as Ponyboy says “Johnny is the quite one”. (chp.1). He does it to protect Pony and so the gang would love him more and let him be a part of it. When Johnny saves the children from the church, his lack of acceptance make him feel worthless, so much so he believes the kids he saved deserve to live more than he does. When Johnny is dying in hospital, the people he wants to see are the greasers, and know body else. Even when his mother turns up to see him he says “I don’t want to see her, she has never loved me” (chp.11). This shows he how much love he didn’t get from his parent, and the only love he got was from the greasers. All Johnny wanted was to feel loved and accepted, having that love makes a person grow up strong, if Johnny had that love from his parents maybe he would of had the will to live. Humans are people persons and we need people that want us around them, just like

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