Belonging - The Simple Gift & Bra Boys

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Belonging means “to feel part of something” it comes from the feelings of connection and shared experience. A person can feel as if they belong or not belong due to their race, gender, age appearance and many more things, Steven Herrick uses the simple gift to portray the concept that belonging is connecting with others, Through the use of language techniques like metaphor, simile, flashbacks, irony, first person narrative voice, motif and emotive language, Steven Herrick illustrates his idea and through the characters of old bill billy and Caitlin we understand different aspects of belonging. Also Sunny Aberton’s documentary bra boys depicts the connection within a group, In both the texts friendship is a strong aspect of belonging, these texts illustrate that you feel belonging within a certain part of society, and by choosing to belong to something means you are choosing not belong in another. Each of the characters in the simple gift suffers some kind of loss of connection within society and find belonging in each other. Herrick uses empathy to help us understand why old bill has no connection with society, old bill suffers trauma after the loss of his daughter and wife and now exiles himself from society not being able to bear the thought of carrying on life without them. Old bill finally develops a relationship becoming almost like a “fatherly figure “with billy “I like the kid...I like his company" juxtaposing the lack of love and relationship between Billy and his real father. Herrick uses flashback to emphasise that billy did not belong in his home, “he... slammed the door on my sporting childhood” this flashback is an example of irony, although we should belong with our family billy is rejected and pushed away from his father, this is Herrick’s concept that even though things can look normal on the surface deep down you can not belong, this is also

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