Jody Tiflin vs. Carl Tiflin

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Jody vs. Carl Comparison and Contrast Essay Often times in novels that involve related characters, similarities and differences are exposed between family members. In the story The Red Pony by John Steinback, the father-son relationship of Carl and Jody Tiflin unveils two things. At times, Carl and Jody are alike, and at other times they are very different. For example, the first chapter (The Gift) brings upon a situation where Carl and Jody are not alike. When Carl gives Jody the responsibility of owning a pony, Jody almost immediately expresses affection and emotion. This humiliated Carl, for he did not give Jody the pony for affection/emotional purpose. To Carl, the horse's purpose was to be trained and to teach Jody responsibility. "He needs a good currying (...) and if I ever hear of you not feeding him or leaving his stall dirty I'll send him off in a minute." said carl. Carl shows that he is more of a disciplinarian while Jody is more caring and emotional. Later in the same chapter, Carl and Jody show that they do in fact have similarities. Once Jody's pony, Gabilan , becomes very ill, Jody gets very concerned and even more attached to it. He starts seeking help from Billy Buck and even brings the pony blankets from his home to warm/comfort the pony through the cold weather. Carl understood this, which is why he didn't mind it that Jody wasn't handling his usual chores.When Gabilan's condition worsens to the point where it almost seems hopeless, Carl tries to make Jody feel better by telling a funny story: "He told about the wild man who ran naked through the country and had a tail and ears like a horse (…)'Isn't that funny?'" even though it did not help Jody. After Gabilan died, Carl feels Jody's lost and even made it so that he would soon be given horse to bring up. Carl

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