Outsiders Character Analysis

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Ponyboy Curtis: Ponyboy is the fourteen year old narrator and the protagonist of the story. Ponyboy is with a gang that calls themselves the Greasers. Since both of his parents died in a car crash he lives with his two older brothers Sodapop and Darry. Ponyboy is different then the rest of his gang, mostly because he has different interests than they do. Throughout the novel he must overcome many challenges to save his friends, family, and himself. He then realizes that even though the Socs and Greasers come from different parts of town they are not as different as they think. Sodapop Curtis: Sodapop is the middle child in the Curtis family. He is seventeen years old and dropped out of high school to work at a gas station so he could supply money for his family. Sodapop is described as having “movie star looks.” He is cheery and always making jokes. He’s also the most caring one in the family. Towards the end of the novel we learn that when Ponyboy and Darry fight, Sodapop takes it very hard, and that he is affected by the tension his brothers cause. Throughout all the fighting between his brothers he is always there for them no matter what happens. Darry Curtis: Darry is twenty years old and the oldest brother in the Curtis family and the oldest Greaser. He is strong, very serious, grouchy, and can get violent. Once his parents died he took the responsibility of raising his two younger brothers Ponyboy and Sodapop. Darry does most of the housework around the house, from cooking to cleaning. We learn that the only thing that keeps Darry from becoming a Soc is his brothers. Before his parents died he was very poplar and had a lot of friends and since then he does not have a life outside of home. Johnny Cade: Johnny is sixteen years old and has lived a hard life. His friends describe him as looking like “a dark little puppy that has been kicked too many

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