Influence of Visual Media

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Vanessa Duran May 19, 2013 HUM/176 Influence of Visual Media Paper The American culture has gained many benefits as well as challenges from visual media. It has assisted us in changing the way that we communicate with one another over the years. Television has been one of the biggest influences in my opinion. It has been in our homes over 60 years and many Americans rely on it on a daily basis. It gives us access to the news that is happening around the world. It also allows us to watch live TV such as sports and The Voice. Television has also influenced the way that we talk, think, and the way that we treat each other. It is not always the right way and those are some of the challenges that we have to face. There is so much information being fed to us through our television. That sometimes it is too fast to notice the impact that it has on us and our culture. Watching television can become addicting for some people and that can result in poor social skills. Television also has a big influence on our youth today because many parents are unaware of they are watching on our television sets. The social influences of visual entertainment are mostly equal to me. They have both positive and negative aspects. I believe that there is a lot of positive coming from individuals watching other individual be successful in their careers. I also feel like there are many inspiring stories that people can learn from or relate to. However, I also feel that there can be a lot of negative and false information which can influence people to do wrong. There is also the risk of developing an addiction to television or the internet. When people watch and listen to things long enough, they tend to pick up on habits or they start believing what they are being told. Visual media has an influence on what we wear, what we eat, how we walk, and how we talk. Honestly, I believe it
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