Trailer Essay-Kings Speech

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Trailer Essay - The King’s Speech The King’s Speech trailer tells you what the name of the film is at the end. They do this because then the people watching are more likely going to remember it more then if it is at the beginning. We are also told who is starring in the film nearer the end because people may want to know who is in the film and it if someone famous who they like is it they are more likely to go and see it. This information is given to us on the screen so that people have to read it. The film is all about issues which would give it a wider audience. The trailer only shows us the most exciting and interesting parts from the film because if they didn’t then the audience is more likely not to go and watch the film because it looks boring. The music is very slow at the beginning and then fastens up at about haft way and it stops when different people talk then near the end the sound gets louder and faster to build up a lot of tension. All the talking are from scenes in the film. There isn’t a voice over in this trailer. The speed of the different scenes is quite fast and quickly shows you different clips from the film because the faster it goes the more clips it can show the audience the speed does alter slightly but the sound speed alter more. The very last frame tells us where it is made and the people who made the film, directors, producer etc. I would most expect to see this trailer before adult/older children’s film and before the news or a history program. I think this because the film is based on the history and it is a more adult film then something like Toy
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