How Filmmaker Exploit to Shape an Audience’s Experience?

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File form is the ways that the filmmakers use to show the story scenes and express the concepts that they want to tell. Filmmakers make use of various shots and filming angles to present different film content. For example, when a particular scene’s action has broken down into many shots, the filmmaker can utilize this fragmentation to precisely control what audience see, when they see it, how they see it, how long they see it, and in what order they see it. The film form directly influence the perspectives and points of view of the audiences since the audiences have to follow filmmakers’ shots and angles to watch the movies and understand the stories. And that’s why film form can shape an audience’s experience. The movies audiences always have certain expectations on the film that they are going to see. These expectations usually affected by the film form techniques which had used since film form is capable of delivering messages to the audiences. When a scene use a close-up shot, it can isolate and emphasize specific details. Also, different camera angles and moving camera impart help the film to express and act in a particular way. The brief sequences of shots also lets audiences experience characters’ mind and allow them to realize characters’ felling. Therefore, film form help audiences participate in characters’ thinking process and see the characters development. Moreover, the film form help creating dramatic tension, explicating information and implying some meaning in the shots to make possible that shape audiences’ experiences. To have a brief summary, film form including the colour schemes use in the film, the sounds, the filming angles, the length of shots, the movement of the camera and so on which cooperate together to shape an audience’s experience about particular genre of
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