Influence to Contemporary Classical Narrative Form Essay

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Influence to contemporary classical narrative form Topic 9: Contemporary classical narrative form is influenced by cross media, transmedia and intertextuality. Define each of these terms and examine their particular characteristics with reference to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and another contemporary film of your choice. Narrative describes how story is told in many different media, including fiction, film, and television serials, etc. William H. Phillips states a definition of narrative in one of his books: For our purposes, narrative can be defined as a series of unified events (happening and actions) situated in one or more settings. The events may be arranged chronologically or nonchronologically and may be factual, fictional, or a blend of the two. (262) Together with narrative, form is another technique often used to narrate so as to attract audiences’ attention. Just as William H. Phillips says: Structure, which some scholars and theorists call form, refers to the parts of a text and their arrangement. In a fictional film, the selection and order of events help viewers comprehend the story and strongly influence how they respond…Fictional structure (characters, goals, and conflicts); some functions of beginnings, middles, endings; combination of different brief stories (plotlines) into a larger, more complex story. (264) Classical narrative form is commonly known as linear narrative which refers to stories told in a single line with logical order and ends with an assured conclusion, usually seen in traditional Hollywood films. The ending is usually often the solution of problems of the characters. Therefore, there might be nothing left to be solved. In this kind of narrative, it is cause and effect which lead it to go on in a correct direction and drew the attention of audiences to follow. Jill Nelmes states in the book he edits: It is

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