O Brother Where Art Thou Movie Structure

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The structure of a film has a great impact on the reaction from the viewers. There are two main aspects of a film that make it have the reaction from audiences. One is the director style which contains everything the directors choose to do to make the film flow like a book. There are directors who are known as auteurs. This is when people brainstorm on film ideas of their own and basically does everything from writing the script and picking their own actors to supervising the writing to make sure it is to their standards. The next important concept in a film is the musical score. Music in a movie helps provide a sense of time and place. It gives an emotional reaction from viewers which allows audiences to react a certain way. Both of these styles are greatly seen in two films. One is O Brother, Where Art Thou, and…show more content…
Jane Campion directed, produced, and wrote the film The Piano. She can be considered to be an auteur because she wrote the script herself. There were a lot of slow motion effects towards the end of the movie, particularly in the scenes with “Ada” and her husband. The most dramatic was when “Ada” gets her finger chopped off by her husband. There were not swooping camera movements over the sexual scenes in the movie. Instead the camera was set up as if they showed the love scenes from a distance. This movie portrays the subjective point of view and allows you to see and feel the emotion of the character. O Brother, Where Art Thou was filmed using a very sharp lens that gave very clean images. This lens can be shot right into the sun and have no glare. The camera in this movie was almost constantly in motion. The choice of setting in this movie was very essential because it went well with the whole them of the movie including the musical score. Being that it was based in Mississippi gave the feeling of the movie a much great

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