Fahrenheit 9/11 vs Loose Change

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Fahrenheit 9/11 versus Loose Change While documentaries can be defined as cinematic pieces built upon facts, there are many ways directors go about presenting facts to their audience according to the type of response they are looking to instill. In doing so, the audience will discover that there are many similarities between pieces, however there are also many differences as well. This is especially true when considering works such as Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore, as well as Loose Change by Dylan Avery. While both of these documentaries are based on the same event, the story, facts presented, and overall demeanor have similarities and differences. Overall both of these documentaries seem to suggest that our country, often thought of as an invincible superpower, has an imperfect system in our government. Fahrenheit 9/11 opens with a message that the right person, Al Gore, was unseated from the Presidential position by means of family ties and corruption in the Bush administration. Loose Change also supports the idea of an imperfect government in its opening by presenting facts in a way that strongly encourages its audience to conclude that there is conspiracy at a high level in our government. Facts such as moving the majority of our fighter planes out of “Scuttling” range, conducting hijacking training missions in the nearby area which confuses traffic controllers, Congress Officials being instructed not to fly on September 11th by Condoleezza Rice, and a suspicious variety of stock moves involving the airline industry all support claims of conspiracy, and furthermore, a government that is broken and not entirely for the people. While there are a strong amount of similarities that can be drawn between these two documentaries, there are also differences in nearly every instance as well. Possibly the first noticeable difference that the audience can
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